One of the most effective methods to eliminate Bed Bugs is with heat treatments.

Bed Bug Texas is a local company that operates in Houston, Texas and other markets to provide a “DIY” approach. This DO IT YOURSELF treatment offers significant time and money savings compared to traditional pesticide treatments. Their bed bug treatments can be completed in as little as 6 hours or less. Their treatments provide heaters and fans that get your room and surfaces to a temperature high enough to not only kill the Bed Bugs, but also their eggs.

This is extremely important because bed bug eggs are much more difficult to kill than adult bed bugs. The heaters heat the air to 135 degrees or more (depending on the size of the room) and maintain the temperature long enough to ensure the heat penetrates the walls, crevices, and cracks, killing bed bugs and their eggs.

Bed Bug Texas offers several heat treatment packages depending on each individual need and has equipment designed to assist with providing power to homes that are not equipped with enough 15/20-amp circuits, to properly power the equipment. There is also an easy connection system for Hotels and Motels seeking efficient bed bug treatment.

Bed Bug Texas can provide equipment for one room or your entire house if needed!
Contact Bed Bug Texas to discuss any of your bed bug infestations needs 713-357-1627