Termites can cause major damage to your property. Every homeowner should look out for the common signs of termites in the home and get professional termite inspections regularly. Read on for these signs you may have a problem.

Piles of Wings are Common Signs of Termites

One of the first signs of a termite infestation that you’ll see is a pile of wings from adult termites settling into your house. When these young adults decide to form a new colony, the first thing they’ll do is shed their wings.

Listen for Noise

When the house is silent, listen for noises in the walls. Termites shake their bodies and heads to communicate with other termites, which you can often hear as a soft rattling sound within the walls of your home.

Hollow Walls and Floors

Termites eat the walls and floors from the inside. Tap on these surfaces, and if they sound and feel hollow, you may have a termite problem. In cases of severe damage, the wall might cave in when pressed upon.

Windows and Doors are Hard to Open

It can be difficult to determine if it is termites or humidity that are making your windows and doors hard to open. When termites are eating your walls, doors, and other parts of your home, it can cause structural shifting that causes the doors and windows to stick.

Termite Droppings are Common Signs of Termites

A common sign of termites in your home is termite droppings, known as frass, that show up in piles at the openings to tunnels. A pile of a sawdust-like substance is often seen at the base of walls where termites have been tunneling.

When you are looking for signs of termites in the home, know the difference between a termite infestation and an ant problem. Termites are often confused with ants because they have a similar body shape and size, but termites are white, and there are no white ants.

If you see any of these signs, order a professional termite inspection to determine whether you have a termite problem.

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